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"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Posted on August 12, 2014 at 8:23 PM
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Good morning.  Today's power scripture comes from Genesis 9:13 (AMP)  “I set My bow [rainbow] in the cloud, and it shall be a token or sign of a covenant or solemn pledge between Me and the earth.”
   Over the past few weeks we have experienced frequent sudden downpours where the heavens just seem to open and we are quickly drenched with a torrential rain.  These sudden squalls do not last long, but the amount and intensity of the storm is something quite amazing.  Since moving to Atlanta one of the most mystifying scenes I have witnessed is when it is raining on one side of the street and bone dry on the other.  Each time we are blessed with these showers I am reminded of the wonder that must have overtaken Noah when he and his family saw rain for the first time.
The upheaval of the sinful world caused God to refresh and renew the planet through Noah’s family as they rode out the storm in the ark.  Along with his family, Noah and key flora and fauna survivors witnessed God’s rainbow promise to never destroy the world again by flood.
     Every time I witness a rainbow in the heavens I remember that God keeps his promises and I am rejuvenated and overcome with awe as I watch the color patterns lace the sky in splendor.  God made a solemn, unconditional oath to protect us; just as he promised that whosoever believeth in Jesus should not perish, but would have ever lasting life.  For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved.  Isn’t it gratifying and wonderful to know that God wants us to have abundant life and that he showers us with love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and favor.  Then he reminds us with daily little glimpses of his promises by giving us signs and wonders.  Look around you today and take note of the small yet wonderful signs God gives to remind us that he loves us.
Every day is a good day; it is up to us to make it a power-packed GREAT day! Be blessed! Dr. JoAnn

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