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"Small Things Matter"

Posted on August 20, 2014 at 1:15 AM
Small Things Matter
Good morning.  Today's power scripture comes from James 3:4 (EXB) - “Also a ship is very big, and it is pushed by ·strong [fierce] winds. But a very small rudder controls [guides; steers] that big ship, making it go wherever the pilot wants.”
  Do not think for a moment that your contribution is too small or insignificant to matter.  If you only have a small amount of money to give toward a large goal or if you only have a limited amount of time to spare to assist on a project; it does help.  God looks at the heart of your contribution and not the quantity.  It is the quality of your service and desire to give and participate that endears God’s heart.  When we give our best, even in small increments, God will take what we have and multiply its effect so that our little becomes much.  In today's scripture we read of the influence that a small helm or rudder has in steering a large and formidable ship.  The ship is gigantic in comparison to the small pliable piece that is used to maneuver it through the water under the control of high and often violent winds.  The stronger the push of the gale, the more obvious it is that the rudder is needed and important.
      The ship might represent some grand or great aspect of your life that requires the dynamics of strong influence in order to move from where it is now to the place of its best use; but the very forces that provide this push, could also be the same forces which could tear it apart or send it off course. Here is where your small rudder of ‘faith’ comes into play.  God’s promises concerning your mission are secure and he has provided the means (the ship) and the power (the winds) but direction is needed.  That focus or direction comes from your faith.  We only need as much faith as compared to that of a small mustard seed and we can see its influence making a great impact.  Don’t cower from asserting your faith in tackling large issues, problems or projects.  Know that God has provided all that you need and all you must do is take hold of your faith and steer.
Every day is a good day; it is up to us to make it a power-packed GREAT day! Be blessed! Dr. JoAnn

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